Performance Counselling

What is our objective?

Speaking or performing in front of an audience can sometimes be incredibly stressful, especially if we are faced with uncertainty or experiences that have instilled self-doubt. We often worry about how we might be perceived and how we will perform. These anxieties can be debilitating, especially when preparing and executing our planned performance. Our session, which is an informal performance counselling session, is a safe and confidential space when we can explore these mental blocks together through a humanistic approach. You lead the session as you like and I support you through active listening and providing unconditional positive regard. Qualifications - Level 2 certificate in Counselling Skills, Level 3 Diploma in Counselling Skills (In Training) & Full DBS Certificate. NB: This session is not a formal counselling session and bookings should only be made if related to the performing arts and/or public speaking anxieties.

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